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What are Travel Office Packages (Workations) & Should OTAs and Travel Agencies Start Selling Them?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry came to a sudden stop. Every old narrative that included traveling, like business and tourism, needed a rethink, since travel wasn’t an option anymore. This is how many offices were moved to people´s homes or, actually, to any place with a proper Wi-Fi connection. Is this an opportunity for OTAs to reinvent themselves and start exploring a new market for these nomad workers?

A new product for OTAs

Travel office packages (a.k.a workations) are an option for people who work from home to move their offices to an accommodation with enough facilities for them to work but, also, a space with the features that everyone loves about vacation. These kinds of products are an option for families who have one or more members working from home, with the chance to continue sharing between them during their leisure time without needing to stop their obligations.

A good travel office package must consider some essentials that their accommodations must provide. Things like quiet spaces, excellent internet connection and comfortable furniture are some of the necessities for the guests to continue doing their job successfully.

hotel room with desk for workations

Industry leaders are betting on “workations”

Traditional OTA’s are getting on-board with travel office packages. Recently, the Latin American OTA, Almundo, launched their own travel office packages for destinies inside Argentina. Their packages include domestic flights, +4 stars hotels, tours and a Wi-Fi device for the travelers to take it everywhere during their vacations.

If you aren’t sure that travel office packages are a potential option for the future of the industry, you may be surprised to learn that Marriott and are also planning to offer workations (the mix between “work” and “vacations”) on their platforms. These companies have been drastically affected by the COVID-19 crisis, so their bet on travel office packages as a way to resurface in the industry may not be a bad idea after all.

Should your travel company start selling Travel Office Packages?

Even though it is uncertain if workations will be a good niche in the future, it is emerging as a new way to approach selling travel, adapting to the new reality. The best way to know if your company can benefit from this product is by analyzing your clients, specifically if they have began to work from home offices. They may want to get out of their home routines and that’s where your company must act.

Travel office packages are just one of many things your travel company can consider in order to earn money. At the moment you offer your customers the accommodation for their workations, you may also want to increase your profitability on these bookings without sacrificing your clients' comfort. This is where Pruvo Revenue Maker can help you, by giving your company the chance to rebook the same room for less money and increase your hotel booking profitability by 36% on average.. You can find out more by requesting us a demo today!

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