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Top 22 Softwares for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

With the traditional "brick and mortar" travel agencies´ transition into an online environment, hundreds of new software solutions with different capabilities entered the market. In this post we will share with you the top 22 softwares for tour operators and travel agencies.

Lemax is a cloud based software solution for travel agencies and tour operators that helps manage and automate sales, marketing, bookings and finances. With Lemax, it is possible to automate processes in a travel company, use it to sell travel products through the webpage or to establish better business cooperation with partners. Lemax lets you easily create and manage travel products and create complex travel packages and groups, book flight tickets directly and use third-party suppliers to book accommodation, transfers and activities.


Travefy helps travel agencies, tour operators and DMO´s create itineraries and proposals that impress customers and close more sales. You can build the itinerary from scratch or import them from your existing CRM or supplier integrations. You can create your own library of inventory or use Travefy´s. Travefy also allows you to send itineraries to clients via online link, PDF or mobile app-with simple messaging features to chat with clients.


Tourwriter was created by 3 owners of travel businesses that realized the need for an itinerary software application that would simplify and automate itinerary building and booking processes. They offer two main products: Minim, which allows you to create itineraries, collaborate with travelers, measure performance and stand out from the crowd with our online itinerary builder, and Tourwriter+ Minim, which offers you all the benefits of Minim but is more of an turnkey tour operator software. In addition, you can find some great case studies on Tourwriter´s site that will provide your business with a lot of insight.


Pruvo Revenue Maker is an artificial intelligence driven solution that automatically tracks hotel bookings you made on any provider, monitors their price 24/7 and helps increase your profitability by 36% by re-booking those reservations when their net price drops. Pruvo can integrate into the IT hub you use, or simply connect to your existing API connections with your hotel suppliers. The solution is completely customized based on each customer´s needs.


Trawex offers an array of solutions for travel agencies, ranging from a mobile-enabled for travel buyers to shop, book and pay for travel products, inventory consolidation, multiple APIs to create custom travel solutions and more.

Rezdy is an independent SaaS booking and distribution platform for tours and activities. Rezdy helps tour operators sell their products on websites and multiple distribution networks. Their solution also improves your customer experience since they integrate with your website to give your customers a convenient and consistent booking experience. Your customers can instantly book from a real-time booking interface displayed on your current website.


Travelworks is an accounting and management software for travel agencies developed by PC Voyages. Travelworks allows access to key performance indicators on real time, obtaining accounting reports on real time and suits today´s reality with travel agents working remotely. It offers reservation management, invoicing, accounting, CRM, an online booking engine for customized package deals and reporting functionalities.


Regiondo is turnkey booking system for leisure sellers to book and manage activities via your own website. Their calendar allows you to manage online bookings, phone reservations and walk-ins, so you know how much staff you will need for each activity.

Wetu is a web-based solution that helps tour operators create digital itineraries, iBrochures, and virtual brochure racks. Wetu offers an itinerary builder feature that helps tour operators create interactive itineraries in multiple languages and connect with potential clients from across the globe. Their solution suits both the tour provider (with features like content management and distribution and digital sales tools) and the tour operator (with features like an itinerary builder, CMS, brandable brochures and an offline itinerary app.)


Increase hotel booking profits

Q Travel Cloud of Acqua Development offers 3 main solutions: Back Office for small and medium travel agencies and tour operators, Inventory for small tour operators and Online IBE for online travel agencies and small tour operators.

Q Travel Cloud

MYT SaaS is a cloud-based solution that helps travel sellers create, manage and market their travel products and services. Their solution allows you to interact & negotiate with suppliers, get real-time feedback on activities, simplify your accounting and provides an itinerary building tool with easy sharing capabilities.


Traveltek´s solution iSell, is a dynamic packaging booking engine. iSell provides one single platform for agents to search and book flights, hotels, cruise, tours and ancillary products in one transaction, along with a built-in CRM to manage customers and their inquiries in one centralized place.


Toogo is a SaaS solution which includes: trip building, quotations, sales & marketing (CRM), bookings, logistics, finances, web site (CMS), document creation: information sheets & travel books, price lists, vouchers, invoices and more. Once a trip is confirmed, travel agencies can book the trip by sending customer details to suppliers along with sending travel information, vouchers, invoices and other details to customers.


Illusions Online offers multiple solutions for travel agencies and tour operators such as an automation tool (iOL Enterprise), inventory distribution (iOL Lite), access to purchasing travel inventory (iWTX) and a booking engine with payment gateway (iOL Portals)

Illusions ONline

Travelshift allows businesses to build an online marketplace where they can manage and sell accommodation bookings, car rentals, tickets, tour bookings and similar services. Travelshift provides a built-in messaging system for sending booking updates and travel plans to customers.


Revelex develops software services for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, tour operators, loyalty programs and online travel agencies. Power Agent, their web based solution for travel agencies, allows you to easily search and book inventory from all distribution sources, GDS and non-GDS, build and export lists to direct mail or e-mail programs and even market special promotions. Revelex´s Tour Negotiator is a booking solution that integrates all types of travel bookings whether they are by allocation, on the Global Distribution System or directly with a supplier outside the GDS.


AgencyAuto is an end-to-end web-based automation solution that serves as a revenue enhancer by offering multiple booking channels and streamlining the mid and back-office processes. AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to distinctly charge their customer with different transaction/markup fee for maximizing revenue per transaction, automates invoicing of the tickets, provides 60 detailed reports and much more.


Booking layer is a software specifically for reserving camps and retreats. Their software allow you to boost revenue by creating accommodation with activity packages to offer your customers, automatically displays prices in different currencies, applies discounts to loyal customers, and syncs data with Airbnb or and is integrated with multiple payment gateways.


Hero is an all-in-one booking, payment & ticketing platform for travel agents and activity resellers. Hero allows you to create personalized travel itineraries with real-time rates and inventory. If you have a Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace or Joomla website, you can use Hero´s widgets in order to quickly access their marketplace of 17,000 travel products. Hero also allows customers to send PCI-secured payments via Hero's online booking or through any POS system.

Hero Travel

Trekksoft is a booking solution for Day Tour Companies. Connect your online and offline sales channels to take bookings and scale, while simplifying back-end management. Trekksoft allows you to sell your inventory via the world's top online travel agents, including Viator and Expedia, and sync your availability on all channels with just one update. Their booking software lets you set up your own personalized, branded website where you can describe your products, publish live inventories, promote your products, offer discounts and accept payments.


ResVoyage offers multiple solutions for small and medium size OTAs, including a user friendly B2C online travel site. Via ResVoyage you can access GDS, NDC and Hotel Bedbank content. Depending on your business model, ResVoyage gives you multiple options to manage markups, service fees and discounts.


PHPTRAVELS lets users search, check availability, book for their desired time period, and then pay for it, all via a simple interface. Their solution is multilingual, offers multiple payment gateways and provides 24/7 real time customer service. The content management system of PHPTRAVELS allows users to add, edit, remove pages and files using admin panel, along with a complete newsletter management module, which enables users to customize and send unlimited newsletters.

PHP Travels

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