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Most Effective Copy: Slogans & Taglines Used by the Most Successful Travel Companies

If you could describe your travel company in a couple of words, what would you say? That’s exactly what a slogan is for: communicating the essence of a business with few words. In the travel industry, however, we can find tons of these taglines and phrases. Some are made for specific marketing campaigns, while others have accompanied their companies since the very beginning. We wanted to dive deep into understanding how the most successful companies convey their messaging to their customers.

During our investigation, we found several taglines, slogans, phrases and campaigns. The difference between a corporate slogan from a commercial one is pretty blurry. We overcame this obstacle and gathered some interesting insights on taglines and slogans of more than 50 of the main OTA’s and travel companies: from simple advertisement copies to iconic catchy phrases.

travel slogans

Length doesn´t matter

Travel passion can be transmitted in two words…or two sentences. From our list, we found slogans as short as Tripadvisor´s “Speed Wins” tagline, but also whole phrases that communicate the essence of the service, like TravelBrands´slogan: “without travel agents, there would be no TravelBrands”.

The shortest slogan is from TripAdvisor: "Speed Wins"

From one to eleven words, we can find variety on the length of travel slogans. However, three words slogans are quite the standard in the travel industry: “The Obvious Choice” from Hotels.com, “Selective Hotel Bookings” from Prestigia, “Playground for Professionals” from GoGlobal, “Making travel simple” from Cleartrip.com, “Making travel better” from Kiwi.com just to name a few examples.

Average slogan is 3 words long

The most used word in travel slogans? Take a guess

As expected, "travel" was the most used word amongst the slogans.

Most common words: "travel" "better" "the world"

But it’s not just the word “travel” that appears a lot. As tourism is a pretty competitive field, every company always looks to be the “better” compared to the market, which is why it was the second most popular word: “where families travel better together” from Vrbo, “Making travel better” from Kiwi.com or “Everything's better” from On the Beach.

travel, the, your, better business, world, and, do, it, be, to, for
Word Cloud: most used words on slogans

We were able to identify complex words that were used pretty frequently. The phrase “the world” is used plenty of times: “We travel the world together” from Lusanova, ”the World's N°1 Bedbank” from Hotelbeds and “to open up the world for those who want to see” from Flight Centre. We found more patterns like “do it”, “making travel” or “travel better”; but not with as much frequency as the previouis phrases.

The longest slogan (11 words) is from Flight Centre AU: "To open up the world for those who want to see"

What are the travel companies telling us with their slogans?

The slogans we used for our analysis came from different sources: internal slogans, commercial slogans and taglines that are an essential part of the brand (and that you may even find on their logos). These are some of the taglines that these companies have used:

  • TravelBrands Inc.: Without travel agents, there would be no TravelBrands

  • Vrbo: Where families travel better together

  • Jumbo Tours: Whatever you do, do it with passion

  • Lusanova: We travel the world together

  • Despegar.com, Inc: Vivir Viajando

  • Fareportal: Uniting People and Places across the Planet

  • Bedfinder: Travel Services Worldwide

  • Gattinoni: Travel in style

  • PriceTravel: Viaja fácil, sin pretextos

  • Flight Centre: To open up the world for those who want to see

  • Hotelbeds: The World's N°1 Bedbank

  • Helloworld Travel: The Travel Professionals

  • Riya Travel and Tours: The travel expert!

  • Hotels.com: The Obvious Choice

  • Italcamel Travel Agency: The leading Italian specialist

  • Hotelspro.com: The Key to Global Travel

  • TripActions Inc.: The best experience in business travel

  • Tripadvisor: Speed Wins

  • Prestigia: Selective Hotel Bookings

  • Virgin Holidays: Screw it, let's do it.

  • Go Global Travel: Playground for Professionals

  • HotelTonight: Plan Less, Live More

  • Jet2holidays.com: Package holidays you can trust


  • Skyscanner: Never miss a flight

  • Priceline: Name Your Own Price

  • Perla Tours: Mediterranean Touch

  • Cleartrip: Making travel simple

  • Kiwi.com: Making travel better

  • Triporate: Make your business trips easy

  • Lol.travel: Make it real

  • Abercrombie & Kent: Luxury Travel & Luxury Vacations Since 1962

  • Lastminute.com: Love Living Lastminute

  • AccorHotels: Live Limitless

  • Beds With Ease: Like a dream

  • Agoda: Less Hassle, More Travel

  • Atrápalo: Ocio al mejor precio

  • DER Touristik Suisse: Kuoni - cheaper than you think

  • Klook Travel Technology: Klook it, Worth it

  • KAYAK: It's not luck, it's Kayak

  • Easymarket: Innovation, technology and avant-garde service for Travel Agencies

  • Methabook: Hotels Everywhere

  • Snaptravel: Hotel Deals Over Messaging!

  • Alpharooms: Holidays with an a rating

  • On the Beach: Everything's better

  • Viajes El Corte Inglés: Todo lo demás será perfecto en viajeselcorteingles.es

  • Expedia.com: Don’t just travel. Travel right.

  • TUI: Discover your Smile

  • MakeMyTrip Limited: Dil Toh Roaming Hai (Heart is roaming)

  • Yatra Online Private Limited: Creating happy and satisfied travellers

  • Airbnb: Belong anywhere

  • Booking.com: Be a booker!

  • Viagens CVC: SempreComVC


Engaging copy is critical for conveying your company´s message to your customers. This article disects the copy strategy used by 8-10 figure-size companies. We hope these insights give you the relevant data needed in order to craft your own compelling slogan!

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