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How Travel Agencies Can Offer RV Travel to Their Customers?

The latest trend for the most passionate travelers is traveling in RVs. This travel niche always looked peculiar for the classical travelers, but with airports and hotels shutting down, in addition to not having the high budget that luxury private travel would require, the option of renting a RV and traveling through the country started to sound more attractive. This industry already has its players who even offer travel agencies the possibility to integrate their services to their catalogs and earn commissions for their referrals. The main question to ask is: how can travel agencies offer RV travel to their customers?

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Offering RV travel is offering security

In times of isolation, where staying at home has been the main focus, less conventional forms of vacation took the lead. Although many prefer to enjoy staycations, there are travelers who would like to take the qualities of their home with them everywhere. This is where RV travel enters.

RV travel allows carrying around the most important elements of your home. This becomes highly relevant when it comes to continuing living the travel passion without being exposed much to others. Countries such as the United States and Canada have been popular destinations for this type of travel for a long time, since they offer a wide variety of RV camps and many RV rental/purchase options.

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Industry big players

The RV travel industry already has services that are highly popular and experienced in this market. Outdoorsy, RVshare, CruiseAmerica and CanaDream. In the case of Outdoorsy and RVshare, their global presence makes them worthy of great attention in the industry. On their platforms, the probability of finding more variety of options to rent a RV is much higher. However, local services such as CruiseAmerica and CanaDream focus on being excellent on the territories they serve, so you can count on a quality assurance when working with them.

Offer RV travel to your customers

One of the main advantages offered by the main marketplace services in the industry is the possibility of establishing affiliations with travel agents. RVshare has an affiliate program that can be easily implemented in your company software from an API and even a Wordpress plugin. In addition to RVshare, Outdoorsy also offers IT integration through its Trailblazer API where it will allow you to earn commissions by connecting your customers with the RV renters.

If your agency is present in the United States and has a respective ARC / IATA number, you can contact CruiseAmerica to be part of their Travel Agent Program. Finally, within the Canadian market, you can find CanaDream, who offer an exclusive portal for agents to manage caravan reservations and special offers.


At a time when your clients are looking for health safety and wellbeing while continuing their journey around the world, it is essential that your travel company takes the lead in providing options that adapt to this new reality. This may include the offering RV travel to your customers, who may be more open-minded to this way of traveling. The companies mentioned above allow you to integrate immediately and offer this new product to your customers.

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