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How the YOLO mentality will help jumpstart travel post-Covid

You Only Live Once! From memes to a lifestyle, the YOLO mentality has helped a lot of people do things that they once felt insecure about doing. However, the phrase “you only live once” became a reality at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when everything changed at the blink of an eye.

Certainly, this led to people regreting not traveling enough before the lockdowns, and they most definitely won’t repeat that error again. Post-Covid, they will look to achieve as much as they can, and your company may want to position themselves as the "vehicle" with which they can achieve their travel goals.

Boy hanging on a waterfall representing the YOLO mentality

What’s the YOLO mentality?

Cambridge Dictionary has a pretty good definition for the expression YOLO: "used, especially on social media, means that you should do things that are enjoyable or exciting, even if they are silly or slightly dangerous." This definition may remind us of some “bad” idea we had once that we considered exciting. The YOLO mentality is about doing everything you like without worrying about the consequences beforehand.

Even though this may seem irresponsible at its essence, with having just a little of the YOLO mentality, a person can achieve things that were scared of before. This mantra, used accordingly, has the potential to have great results for anyone overcoming their fears and anxious about conquering their goals. This way of looking at the world is most common amongst younger generations, which have been more focused on experiences rather than owning things.

Why YOLO matters post-Covid?

One thing Covid taught us is to value time. Extensive lockdowns postponed dreams and goals. Some felt regret and continously asked: "Why didn't I do this before?". Some people already carried the YOLO mentality around, but others started developing it during this pandemic.

Boy jumping off a cliff representing how the YOLO mentality will help jumpstart travel post-Covid

Travelers are daydreaming about it, frequently thinking: "As soon as COVID-19 ends, I will…". These post-Covid YOLO dreamers will overcome obstacles they have for achieving their dreams. Many of those dreams involve traveling and your company should be prepared.

Nevertheless, people with the YOLO mentality will have a critical role in the reactivation of the tourism industry. YOLO travelers, just like any other early adopters of any innovation, will send the message of confidence and security to the rest of the travelers that are hesitant to travel again.

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What can you do to attract YOLO travelers?

YOLO travelers may be key to your business strategy post-COVID. This segment is mainly composed by millennials, but this mentality can be found anywhere. YOLO travelers are focused on spending their money on experiences rather than on material things. This is where your travel company has a chance to showcase the best experiences you can offer them.

  1. Be as active as possible on your social media

  2. Generate personalized content following the interests of your YOLO consumers (videos, blogs, infographics…)

  3. Collaborate! Find business partners that can give more value to the experiences you are going to offer (for example: a great limo service for a great 5 stars hotel).

For some people, the YOLO mentality is just a way to demonstrate to themselves that they can achieve whatever they propose to themselves and even the most horrifying experiences aren’t as big as the idea that “You Only Live Once”.


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