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Best Practices for Building and Maintaining Relationships With Travel Agents

Building and maintaining relationships with travel agents is crucial for B2B travel companies. Travel agents are most likely an important distribution channel for your products and services, so you want to keep them happy. Let´s do a deep dive into the best practices for building and maintaining relationships with travel agents in 2023.

List of best practices for building & maintaining relationships with travel agents

  1. Meetups at travel events

  2. Ongoing communication

  3. Building trust and credibility

  4. Provide outstanding customer service

  5. Update them on industry trends

Best Practices for Building and Maintaining Relationships With Travel Agents

Meetups at travel events

We all know that feeling when we get the email from the travel conference that the networking platform is now available to use. Companies try to pack their agendas with meetings with potential customers, but many times neglect to assign time to meet with the travel agents who already work with you. Make sure to invest enough time towards meeting in person with the travel agencies that are already generating for your business.

Ongoing communication

After a while of working with a company, the initial communication based on questions and concerns about your product or service will diminish, since everything is clear and functioning well. That said, make sure to find “excuses” to keep in touch with the travel agencies reselling your product in order to remain fresh in their minds. There is a ton of competition out there, so if you aren´t talking to them, your competitors are! Make sure you are aware of the preferred methods of communication for each company, such as email, phone, or in-person meetings.

Building trust and credibility

Any company seeking to create and sustain a successful collaboration with travel agencies must first develop trust and credibility with them. With so many offers coming in from different providers on a daily basis, it can be difficult to stand out. You can make sure that your company is viewed as a dependable and trustworthy partner by developing trust and credibility.

The following advice can help you establish credibility and trust with travel agents:

  • Be a trustworthy partner: Keep your word and uphold your obligations. Keep your word, adhere to deadlines, and arrive on time.

  • Be truthful: Telling travel agents the truth about your goods and services will help you build trust. Be honest about any restrictions or difficulties your company may encounter.

  • Offer value: Give travel agencies insightful advice and data. Share your knowledge of the sector and aid with their understanding of market trends and changes.

One of the ways Pruvo´s repricing customers are building trust and credibility with travel agents is by sharing with them a portion of the increased profits generated by Pruvo´s A.I rebooking solution. When a rebooking is made after a reservation was sold, the bedbank will take a portion of that additional profit and convert it to purchase credits for the travel agency. Talk about creating loyalty with your partners!

increase your hotel booking profitability

Provide outstanding customer service

Be available and solve problems quickly. Make sure to answer their questions right away and deal with any problems or challenges they might be having in a timely and professional manner. Another recommendation is to be proactive in meeting their requirements; think ahead to the services they could need and provide answers before they ever ask.

Update them on industry trends

Keeping your partner travel agents ahead of the curve can go a long way toward building and maintaining relationships with travel agents. Being their constant source of industry knowledge will go a long way to increasing their loyalty to your brand.


In the pursuit of growing your business, don’t forget to take care of your existing business. Travel agents have many options today, so if they choose to resell your products and services, make sure to give them the time and attention they deserve.

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