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Best IT Switches for OTAs and Travel Agencies in 2021

While researching for IT switches that allow OTAs and travel agencies to search and book hotels from multiple wholesale suppliers, we noticed that there was no round up article concentrating the best IT switches for OTAs and travel agencies in 2021. So we decided to compile a list of the best IT hubs for travel companies around the globe.

The Spanish company TravelgateX is one of the more popular IT switches in the industry. They claim to have over 20,000 hotel bookings per day conducted through their platform. Their flagship hotel solution, Hotel-x, searches in multiple sellers with a single API request. Their platform allows you to develop your own plugins in order to add any logic or extra functionality. Some of their existing plugins allow you to set purchase and selling rules (such as markups, cancellation policies etc), mapping content from different sellers, currency exchange when comparing offers from different sellers and blacklisting hotels.


Peakwork Peakwork is the dynamic packaging and leisure travel specialist for the travel industry. Through their platform, you can bundle hotels, flights, insurance, tours, and transportation into one attractive package for your customers. Access more than 1 million accommodation offerings, 87 package rate suppliers and 50+ flight suppliers all through Peakwork´s API.


increase hotel booking profitability

Netactica is a Colombian based company with 6 more offices throughout the Americas. Netactica offers a powerful end-to-end, multi-product and omni-channel platform that allows companies to concentrate all products in one place, facilitating their accessibility to customers and their vendors.

Nectactica IT platform

Polish company Anixe was founded in 1997 and develops SaaS products and services for the tourism industry. Resfinity, their solution geared towards OTAs, is a highly scalable, high-performance accommodation booking solution specializing in high load and traffic management. Resfinity’s capacity management cloud-based structure, you can easily scale up to metasearch traffic management capabilities. This allows your system to process tens of thousands of search requests per minute while maintaining optimum performance. Resfinity comes along with an automated hotel and room-type mapping solution, which ensures you receive all bookings using your internal room codes.

Anixe IT platform

Koedia Koedia develops IT solutions for many actors in the tourism industry: travel agencies, networks of travel agencies, tour operators and TMC. Koedia currently offers connectivity via one API to over 600,000 hotels and 80 different suppliers. Hobbes Ospita, their hotel booking engine, allows you to aggregate the offers from your hotel suppliers.

Koedia IT platform for Travel Agencies and OTAs

UK based Dolphin Dynamics offers integrated travel technology products including CRM, reservations, product and inventory management, mid and back office and online booking engines. In addition to accommodation, you can search and purchase flights, car rentals and insurance directly via Dolphin Dynamic´s platform. Some of their key features are automated quote revalidation, creating dynamic packages, and setting up automatic mark-up on the products you resell.

US-based Derbysoft’s flagship product for travel companies, Streamlined Connectivity, allows you to have access to over 400 of their partners. Some of Streamlined Connectivity’s key features are automated transmission of ARI updates and hotel reservations, one connection to multiple partners, local data storage, pull and push API’s, real-time direct booking transmission to CRSs, milliseconds response time and more. Derbysoft has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Nanjing along with offices in Dallas and Barcelona as well.

A Spanish based country with 2 main solutions for the travel industry: Juniper Booking Engine and Cangooroo. Juniper Booking Engine is a cloud-based platform for the travel and tourism industry, designed to help manage payment processing, itinerary creation, quoting, accommodation booking, rental car reservation, flight booking, promotions and packages, and more. The software offers different modules for businesses to select depending on their needs, and supports travel agencies, wholesalers, tour operators, destination management companies (DMCs), bed banks, and online travel agencies (OTAs).

Cangooroo Booking Engine is a cloud-based reservation platform designed to help small to large travel agencies manage accommodation and tour prices on a unified platform.

Traveltek has been delivering cutting-edge booking solutions to travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers for almost two decades. Via their APIs you will have access to 51 suppliers. iSell, Traveltek's flagship product, allows agents and operators to book from their suppliers. Their solution is suitable for large, multi-channel travel agencies, in both a B2B and B2C environment.


Ahead RM´s flagship product, Entrada gives you access to 800,000 unique hotels from 22 different wholesalers. In addition, book flights, transfers in 7500 destinations, car rentals in 30,000 locations and more. Entrada also allows you to upload your own products and sell to other agencies.

Ahead RM

A Colombian based company created by a group of Engineers, Information Architects and Designers, with extensive experience in the travel industry. Via their API you will have access to more than 200,000 hotels both from wholesalers and GDS along with flights, car rentals and events.

Ideas Fractal

Nemo Group is a popular option for South America and Brazil based travel companies. Price Navigator is their flagship product for travel companies. When connecting to Price Navigator, you gain immediate access to 150 suppliers of flights, hotels, homes & apartments, transfers, car rentals, activities, packages, travel assistance, tours and cruises. In addition, their platform allows you to access Trip Advisor reviews for hotels and their other products, package different travel products through their dynamic pricing module. Their platform is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Nemogroup IT platform for travel agencies and OTAs

Argentinian based Aptek are authorized developers by Sabre and offer a variety of IT solutions for travel companies. Some of these solutions include AptekPackages (an advanced Package Administrator), AptekAir Extensions (allow you to expand the functionality of Aptek Search Engines according to your specific needs), AptekHotels (real-time hotel search and booking engine compatible with any HTML, ASP, PHP or Flash website), AptekAir (a real-time airline search and booking engine), AptekBlue (online reservations engine on the web) and more.

Best IT platforms for OTAs and Travel Agencies

Indian based company, Tavisca Solutions, powers more than 4.8 million travel bookings per year for leading B2C, loyalty-based travel and B2B travel companies globally. In 2018 they were acquired by Affinion Group (cxloyalty).


OTRAM, Qtech’s flagship product for travel agencies, is a modern and scalable online booking and reservation system for travel consolidators, wholesalers, B2B and B2C online travel companies, DMCs and OTAs. OTRAMS offers Travel XML API Integration for multiple suppliers in your system. All data is provided in data in JSON as well as XML.


Infotech was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing technological solutions to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry across the globe. Their service offer includes sophisticated technology such as CRM software, data management, cloud computing and an online travel booking engine. These solutions can be applied to specific contexts in every business. Their hotel booking engine supports multiple languages and currencies along with auto-vouchering in case of non-refundable bookings.


Technoheaven focuses on offering web related services for travel businesses looking for consolidating their digital presence. Technoheaven offers a robust array of solutions for travel companies, such as a B2B and B2C booking engine, dynamic hotel mapping, back office, hotel booking software and much more. They currently have offices in India and Dubai.

TravelCarma provides an aggregation engine that helps travel providers aggregate all their third-party feeds (GDS, LCCs, BedBanks, Transfers, Sightseeing etc) into their booking engine and also distribute the aggregated to multiple channels through a unified API for each product type. TravelCarma also provide adapters that can transform the API schema from a particular supplier, say Sabre or Hotelbeds into another schema, say Amadeus or DOTW. Their system is available in multiple languages (including Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Persian).


Travel Centric Technology, with over 10 years of experience, brings a suite of software tools focused on the travel industry. Their products cover services of consulting, implementation and training in order for the travel agents to optimize the booking process and grow profitability. Their hotel booking application, HotelHub is designed for Travel Management Companies and Corporate Travel Bookers connects you immediately with nearly 1,400,000 + unique hotels. The company is located in London, Paris and Banglore, India.

WBE Travel is an European based company that provides a wide range of software solutions focused on DMCs, TMCS, Travel Agencies and Wholesalers. Web.API is their multi-supplier travel resources hub that can be connected to any booking engine back-office and added to current inventory. With only one integration you save time and money simplifying simultaneous interaction with +150 already connected travel suppliers and 3rd party suppliers.

Italian-based company, Webcola, has offered fully customizable web and software solutions to B2B and B2C Tour Operators for over 14 years. Their main solutions focus on advanced software for online booking that is able to help their customers manage their business. Their XML Hotel API connects you to 30 hotel suppliers worldwide.



With so many IT switches to choose from, you can most definitely find a solution that fits your company´s exact needs.

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