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The Complete List of Bedbanks for Travel Companies Seeking Alternatives to Large Wholesalers

Sourcing your hotels from large wholesalers doesn´t necessarily guarantee you are getting the best rates for all hotels. Here is the complete list of bedbanks for travel companies seeking alternatives to large wholesalers.

Complete List of Bedbanks

Relying on one bedbank is never a good strategy when sourcing hotels. For travel companies that sell globally, many regional wholesalers have better local agreements than conglomerates. If you are seeking alternatives to large wholesalers, here is a complete list of 35 bedbanks worldwide.

Webbeds – launched in 2013 and has quickly become a top player in the hotel bedbank space, acquiring brands such as JAC Travel, Sunhotels, DOTW and many other, which now operate under the Webbeds umbrella.

Travco – UK based wholesaler with an inventory of 12,000 hotels.

Tripjack – Indian based wholesaler with inventory from over 300 airlines and 300,000 hotels worldwide.

Stglobe - Stglobe system grants access to over 37M hotel rates, in more than 262K actual hotels with real availability in thousands of destinations.

GoGlobal - supplies over 500,000 Hotels and service apartment amongst other property types, in more than 220 countries in over 62,000 locations all over the world.

Hotelspro - offers 600,000 hotels,15,000 activities & transfers in 15,000 destinations in 205 countries.

Youtravel - offers more than 10,000 different hotels worldwide. They cater mainly to popular Mediterranean destinations.

TBO Holidays - TBO Holidays is known for its expertise at offering a diverse, global range of hotels at highly competitive rates which has now reached over 700,000 properties.

Stuba - is an accommodation wholesaler, offering over 88,000 properties around the world at competitive rates, available in real time.

Albatravel - The first Italian company to launch an online booking site complete with XML.

All4Go - offers 300 000 hotels worldwide with exclusive rates and availabilities for travel agencies and tour operators.

Travel2 - work with all of the world's top airlines, over 300,000 hotels, tours and rail suppliers, car hire companies, and more than 45 cruise lines.

Travellanda - provides an inventory of 350,000 hotels, 22,000 transfers and 11,000 activities with highly competitive rates.

GoGo Vacations - a leading US travel wholesaler for over 65 years. GOGO Vacations now forms part of the Flight Centre Travel Group.

Mybeds – Focused on the Latin America market and offers 9000 hotels via XML connection.

AIC Travel Group – a full service global wholesaler that serves 50,000 tour agencies and tour operator use AIC Travel Group.

Hotelston - an accommodation reservation wholesaler offering more than 1,070,000 properties in 38,000 destinations throughout the world.

Hoteldo - They offer an extensive hotel inventory, along with a multitude of options for transfers, activities & car rental.

Bookohotel - Booköhotel's reach in the North America and European region is vast, with instant availability at more than 90,000 rooms daily at 8,800 hotels, villas and apartments worldwide.

Allbeds - Allbeds is an online hotel distribution company with properties in 194 countries and territories across the globe.

Bookabed – offers 150K hotels worldwide, low cost and regular flights, airport transfers and attractions.

Pruvo One Tap

W2M – offers 30.000 directly contracted hotels, total inventory of +500.000 properties.

Rezlive - provides access to over 250,000+ hotel and apartment rooms worldwide, more than 45,000+ sightseeing attractions and private transfer in over 900 cities.

Restel - Integrated within the Hotusa Tourism Group and offers an inventory of more than 100K hotels, 75K activities and 150 airlines.

Bedswithease - offer hotels ranging from budget 3* to luxury 5*in the Canaries, Balearics, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy and the USA.

Welcomebeds - is a Global Distribution Bedbank of Globalia Corporation, Spain´s leading tourism Group with annual turnover of over €4 Billion.

Magic Rooms – UK based wholesalers that offers hotels from 2 to 5 stars in all major destinations.

Hikari Global – their inventory primarily focuses on Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other South east Asia. - wholesaler B2B travel provider for 504,000 hotels in 190 countries and consolidated airfares from 943 airlines.

Mikitravel – one of the most mature travel wholesalers worldwide.

Nuitee - Nuitée Travel is a B2B hotel wholesaler/bedbank that connects travel agencies, OTAs and airlines with hotels across the globe.

Yalago - Yalago, part of Emirate Group is a global leisure wholesale bedbank which specializes in the Middle East, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Florida and the Caribbean.

Venturis – A Spanish wholesalers offering 170,000 hotels, activities and excursions, cruises, packages and transfers.

Bedsbank – offers 275,000 hotels worldwide, 7,000+ direct hotels, direct connectivity with the top 5 worldwide hotel chains.


Every travel reseller seeking alternatives to large wholesalers should review the complete list of bedbanks and cherry pick the companies most suitable for their specific needs. We even wrote a guide about how to choose the right hotel suppliers for your travel business, which might come in handy after reading this article. Never is it wise to depend on a sole supplier.

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