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Social Proof for B2B Travel Companies: 7 Sites to Collect Reviews On

There is no sales tool more powerful than having your customers publicly rave about your company. While B2C companies have many different options to collect reviews from customers, B2B travel companies have limited options. Here are some of the most important sites that allow B2B travel companies to collect customer reviews and strengthen your positive social proof.

Best sites for B2B Travel Companies to Collect Reviews on:

Capterra is the “Trip Advisor” for software companies. There are over 9 million monthly visitors on Capterra and since 2008, they have collected over 1 million verified reviews from customers who purchase software from their listed companies. Capterra offers multiple travel categories for which you can list on:


Between all the categories there are more than 400 travel companies with listings on Capterra.

It is completely free to list your business on Capterra. They offer optional pay per click plan for driving traffic to your site.

While Trustpilot is not exclusively B2B, it is definitely a source worth considering in order to capture reviews for your company. This can also serve as a researching platform where you can find potential B2B travel partners with good market reputation.


G2, similarly to Capterra, is exclusively focused on capturing reviews for software companies. Join close to 1000 travel companies with G2 profiles by posting your travel company on one of these categories:

Google search is one of the first places your B2B customers will look for you on. By setting up an account with Google My Business, all search queries for your company name will immediately be shown Google´s business widget, including the public reviews about your company.

While TrustRadius is more focused on Entreprise and SaaS solutions, they do have over 100 travel companies listed on their site, mainly under Travel Management.

Getapp offers a robust selection of travel related categories for you to publish your travel company in:

Your own website

At some point, your customer will inevitably arrive to your company´s site. Showcase your best customer´s public reviews about your service and help seal the deal right there and then.

Ask and thou shall receive

Now that you have listed your company on these various sites, it´s time to collect reviews. Unfortunately, giving someone a "public pat on the back" is not second nature to us humans, so you will need to be proactive and ask your customers to leave you reviews.

Reach out to your customer when they are primed to do so. This is usually at the “ah haaa” moment your customer experiences with your product (also known as the

holy s#*t, it works” moment). Entice your customers to leave reviews by offering them something in exchange, whether it be directly related to your service or not.

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Customer reviews are part of any sales cycle. Make it easy for your prospects to find how satisfied your existing customers are with your service. That said, some companies do engage in deals that include non-discloser clauses that may prohibit them to showcase public customer reviews, so this should only be one part in your overall due diligence process.

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