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Personalized Hotel Repricing Solutions vs. Universal Solutions

Remember when you were little and your parents told you that you are unique and there was no other “you” in the world? Turns out they had a point, regarding both you personally and regarding businesses.

Pruvo understands that no two companies are identical. Each company innovates at their own speed, use different tools and interact with customers differently. For that reason, we designed Pruvo Revenue Maker, our AI-driven solution for hotel post-booking profit optimization, with the capability of adapting each part of our service to your specific needs.

AI-driven solution for hotel post booking profit optimization
Personalize your repricing solution

Importing hotel reservations

Understanding that your company may not have an internal IT team, or that you do have an IT team that has many other tasks, we developed a fast integration module which can on board new customers within 2-3 weeks with little development required by you, our customer.

Pruvo can integrate into your IT platform or directly to your in-house developed solution. Assuming the heavy load of the integrations allows us to start generating increased revenues for your company within 14 days!

Price monitoring

Pruvo can customize the rules of the price monitoring to include or exclude certain providers, re-book hotels that reach a certain price drop amount, specific cancellation policies and more. Pruvo´s advanced mapping algorithm can also re-book upgraded rooms that are offered for a lower price than your original reservation. Pamper your customer with an upgraded room AND increase your profitability. It doesn´t get much better than that!

Automatic & semi-automatic re-booking

We understand it´s hard to gain trust initially. You are the responsible entity for your customer and you want to make sure that no mistakes are made. For that reason, Pruvo developed an innovative semi-automatic re-booking module.

In the semi-automatic solution, a designated agent from your company will receive an alert once Pruvo Revenue Maker detects a better price for the exact same room (or upgraded option) you ALREADY booked. The agent can then verify the new offer and compare each aspect of the offer to the original reservation. Once they confirm that everything matches, with the click of one button, the new reservation is made, followed by the cancellation of the original reservation, along with updating your back-office.

With our automatic solution, the re-booking of the better offer and cancellation of the original booking are done by Pruvo Revenue Maker automatically, based on the rules and restrictions your company requested.

These are just a few of the customizable features that Pruvo’s repricing tool offers. Book your free demo today to discover how Pruvo can help you increase profits by 36% on average on hotel reservations you ALREADY sold.


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