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Ofimatica & Pruvo Reach Deal To Integrate Pruvo´s Profit Optimization Service Into Ofimatica

Spanish-based IT Hub, Ofimatica signed a partnership with Pruvo which will allow Ofimatica´s customers to access Pruvo´s post booking profit optimization service directly from Ofimatica´s platform.

The partnership between Ofimatica and Pruvo will allow OTAS, travel agencies, hotel wholesalers using Ofimatica´s API to access Pruvo's “Repricing” service directly from Ofimatica's platform and thus increase their hotel booking profits by 36% after they sold the reservation.

Ofimatica´s customers will be able to customize the solution to their specific needs, such as multiple re-booking methods, deciding which providers to track, maximum amount of re-bookings per reservation, minimum price drop for re-booking and more.

What is Ofimatica: Ofimatica is a specialized software development company for the tourism sector. With a staff of 70 professionals and a presence throughout Spain, throughout our 39 years of experience, we have mechanized more than 2,000 retail travel agencies, 150 wholesalers, receptive and tour operators, and more than 1,000 hotels.

What is Pruvo: Pruvo is an artificial intelligence based solution that helps travel companies increase profits and sales. Pruvo achieves these goals thanks to price changes that occur in the market from the moment a hotel is booked until the last free cancellation date. Pruvo was launched in 2016 by Itai Marcipar and Regev Brody and has offices in Israel, Spain, Costa Rica and Brazil.


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