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11 Best AI Tools For Travel Companies in 2023

I have a confession to make. Ever since ChatGPT was released, I have been enamored by all the AI tools that have been launched. I have gone down a rabbit hole of investigating the best AI tools for non-developers so that I can implement them in our daily business operations. I have compiled a list of the 11 best AI tools for travel companies to implement in their businesses.

One caveat while you read about and test these tools. None of these AI tools are perfect yet. As for now, they are tools to compress time, but not substitute human revision.

So, regardless of the tool you test, make sure to review the output of each one.

11 best AI tools for travel companies:

AI Text-to-Presentation Tools

SlidesAI and Magic Slides

Need to spin out a sales presentation fast? Then AI text-to-presentation tools are a must for you. Try Slides AI or Magic Slides. These apps are extensions that will be added to your Google Slides account. All you have to do is write a text about what your presentation is about (go into as much detail as possible), click enter and within less than 60 seconds you will have a presentation. Both SlidesAI and Magic Slides offer a free tier in case you don’t have many presentations to create.

11 Best AI Tools For Travel Companies in 2023

Here are a few slides I created by asking Slides AI to create a presentation about a fictitious business called “Baltik Bedbank” - a B2B hotel bedbanks for hotels in the Baltic region.

As I mentioned earlier, this presentation still needs a magic touch, but the overall outline and detailed text were generated within less than 1 minute!

Pros ✅

Speed. This will cut the time of creating the layout and many of the talking points in your presentation.

Cons ⛔

These tools are still very limited in regard to the design and the use of images in the presentations.

AI Tools for Creative Design


There are a bunch of tools in this category. One useful tool is called Picfinder, which is a text-to-image generator. I entered a prompt to create an image of a traveler who is on a mixed vacation that combines leisure and business travel (a.k.a, bleisure travel) and this is what it generated.


Pros ✅

Has some creative designs if you need to create something that you cannot find in stock image sources.

Cons ⛔

The human drawings are not great yet.


Do you need to enhance images from your participation in FITUR or ITB Berlin? Or maybe remove an ugly background behind a beautiful team photo. Try Clipdrop. This is one of the best AI tools for travel companies that use a lot of images in their marketing campaigns. With Clipdrop you can remove or replace backgrounds, clean up or upscale your images, remove unwanted text from images, and more.

Pros ✅

This is the AI software I have used the most so far. Also, it has a robust free tier.

Cons ⛔

Honestly, I haven’t found any yet

AI Tools for Business Purposes

This category encompasses a variety of tools that don’t enter any other specific category.

Legalese Decoder

Let’s face it, legal fees are expensive. Very expensive. This is an amazing tool for travel startups (or any travel company) that want to save money on legal costs.

Legalese Decoder is a free tool that allows you to paste legal text from a contract and convert it from legal jargon into plain English.

legalese decoder

Travel companies can use Legalese Decoder in order to internally review basic collaboration agreements without having to outsource it to your lawyer’s office.

Pros ✅

It’s currently free.

Cons ⛔

Only available for English documents at the moment.


Pruvo is an AI tool that should only be used by travel companies that care about generating profits 🙃.

Pruvo is an AI tool for travel companies that sell hotels and want to increase profit margins on hotels they ALREADY sold.

Don’t you hate purchasing something online, only to discover later that the price for that exact same item dropped and you could have saved money? Well, the same thing happens when travel companies purchase hotels from B2B suppliers. We use AI to monitor the prices of your existing reservations across your suppliers and to rebook that exact same room once the net price drops.

Pruvo repricing services

Pros ✅

Zero-risk money-making tool that makes a significant impact on your bottom line and has zero setup costs.

Cons ⛔

Due to high demand, we are currently only able to work with companies that sell at least 500 monthly, free cancellation hotel reservations sourced from bedbanks.


This is one of my favorite AI tools for travel companies needing to spin off quick landing pages. Mixo is a text-to-website generator that performs extremely well. This is the website it spun off within less than 60 seconds after asking it to build me a website for a company that sells hotels in the Baltic Region.

Pros ✅

It’s great to launch landing pages at lightning speed.

Cons ⛔

The sites it can create are very basic and still need human intervention to adapt the color scheme and images to your brand.


Do you find yourself doing a lot of travel industry-related research? Are you constantly reading articles from Skift, Phocuswire, and Travel News Daily? That can add up to a few work hours a week. Slash that time by at least ⅓ by using Skimit.

Skimit summarizes articles online and delivers the summary to your email within 10 minutes. I have used it a couple of times, and it usually reduces the total word count by 66%. Multiply that by the number of articles you read a week, and you are saving a tremendous amount of time. All you need to do is forward the article to and you will receive the summary in your email in less than 10 minutes!

Pros ✅

It’s free and very effective.

Cons ⛔

The summarized article does not contain any of the URLs that might be embedded in the original article.


How many Zoom calls do you do a week? Probably a lot. Laxis is an AI tool that integrates into your preferred conference call software and takes notes for you, allowing you to be more focused on the call itself.

Pros ✅

Works with Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, and Webex

Cons ⛔

Only works in English at the moment.

AI Tools for Creating Copy


Most people’s cold email outreach isn’t great and goes straight to the trash bin or spam folder. One of the reasons for that is the lack of personalization of the cold outreach. Hot Reach is an AI tool that generates personalization for your cold emails by scraping the Linkedin profiles of your prospects.


Studies show that the average response rate for a personalized cold email is 17%, but it drops to 7% without it.

Pros ✅

For a sales team, anything that can improve the response rate of your cold email outreach is a winner.

Cons ⛔

Only scrapes Linkedin for the personalization data, so if your prospect is not updating their profile, the personalization might not be up to date.

There are MANY use cases for However, for travel companies that post content on social media, the best use case for is the generation of engaging titles and hooks. This can be for blog posts, Youtube videos, Linkedin posts etc. What’s great about it is that you can choose the tone of the text you like and choose which one fits your brand the best!

Pros ✅

Very robust tool with many different use cases.

Cons ⛔

I haven’t encountered any at the moment.


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